Content Marketing

Using a Chiropractic / Medical Blog Writer

Having a Blog Writer is a critical part of online marketing. While you may not realize how imperative it is or that your competition may not write blogs it is nonetheless a key factor in your online marketing.

With Attitude Marketing, we including Blog Writing with our Website Development and hosting services. We provide packages with up to 1-2 blogs per week which are special designed for chiropractic / medical clinics.

Our blog writers provide posts which are 300-500 words. This gauntness that all of our blogs are well above the minimum requirement for proper SEO.

Now what are the real-life applications of having a blog writer?

Using interesting titles and keywords about your clinic in entries means that they will pop up in searches. SEO is how people find your website, so even without anything else this is a huge help.

People want this! While yes our world is ran by giant companies like Wal-Mart, T-Mobile, Microsoft and so on people still want personal. With a blog you are now an approachable person who pours his/her heart out to the online universe.

Its very easy to set up Twitter to post everytime a blog entry is made, and same with Facebook. This means that your social media gets an extra post every day or so with actual content: your blog. This works entirely in a circle: blog traffic means website traffic means social media traffic means blog traffic and so on.

This cannot be stressed enough, its just like how big companies always respond to Facebook posts and Tweets directed at them, blogging lets you join in a greater conversation. You can now start interacting with people who you didn’t even know existed. And while this may sometimes become a distraction, it is always PR.

With our webdesign we actually disable “normal” comments and turn on Facebook comments. This promotes interactions with those who you want to bring into your clinic. You, or your clinic’s staff, will be able to reply directly to these comments and boost the traffic.

Content Writing

Our Blog Writers a trained specifically toward chiropractic / medical blog writing. This ensures that every blog that you a provided through our services is specifically written with the chiropractic / medical services your clinic provides.